BELG Fruit Smuggler Saison Collab w/ Greenbush! Strawberry & peach; Refreshing! 7.2% 13oz $6
LAGR Bad Mamacita Mexican Lager Crisp, clean and refreshing! 5.2% 16oz $6
WHEA I'll Be a Monkey's Dunkel, German Dunkelweizen Sweet mailtiness 5.6% 16oz $6
WHEA One Foot Off The Merry-Go-Round Banana & clove: hazy pale yellow 5.0% 16oz $6
BOCK Drinkauer Maibock South German Style malty Lager 6.7% 16oz $6
IPAS Extortion IPA Fruity, hop aroma; slight caramel finish. Strong but tasty 7.0% 16oz $6
RYES Lincoln-Way Rye Sweet malt, pepper spice; crisp, dark orange hue 6.5% 16oz $6
BELG 4 Hands First Impressions Limoncello (Nitro) Belgian Pale Lactose, vanilla & lemon 6.5% 16oz $6
BELG Burnt City Li'l Sparky Grisette Brewed with Meyer lemons, dash of tartness. 4.5% 13oz $6
BELG Dogfish Head Namaste, Belgian White, DE Fresh cut lemongrass & a bit of coriander 5.0% 16oz $6
BELG Dogfish Head SuperEIGHT Gose, DE super refreshing, sessionable Super Gose 5.3% 13oz $6
BELG Lagunitas Dark Swan Amer Sour, IL Rich purple hue, Dark red wine grapes, sangria-like 8.7% 13oz $6
BELG Off Color Sparkles Finds (Some) Trouble, Gose Sweet Hibiscus, tart & salty 4.5% 13oz $6
BELG Surly Nokken Saison, MN light malt body, Colorado honey and birch wood aging. 9.3% 9oz $6
AMBR Odell 90 Shilling Amber, CO Smooth, medium bodied amber ale 5.3% 16oz $6
CIDR Seattle Cider Semi Sweet Cider, WA Washington apples, a dry cider 6.5% 16oz $6
CIDR Vander Mill Ginger Peach Cider, MI Hard cider with ginger & peaches! 7.0% 16oz $7
CREM Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale, IN Smooth malt profile, delicately balanced with hops 5.3% 16oz $6
FLAV Lost Coast Strawberry Wheat, CA Subtle strawberry sweetness, light, refreshing 5.0% 16oz $6
LAGR Stella Artois Belgian Lager, BEL Premium lager, full flavor & clean crisp taste. 5.2% 16oz $6
LAGR Greenbush Oro De Tontos Vienna Lager, MI Crisp, clean Vienna Lager 4.7% 16oz $6
LAGR Haymarket Blood Orange Blonde Ale Spiced w/ orange peel, lemon peel & coriander. 5.0% 16oz $6
LAGR Toppling Goliath Dorothy's New World Lager, IA Mild & easy going, classic beauty 5.5% 16oz $6
PILS Around the Bend Deliciosa Pilsner Light, crisp Pilsner brewed with kiwi. 5.0% 16oz $6
PILS Maplewood Pulaski Pils Pilsner Rich malt flavor. Exceedingly drinkable and balanced. 5.1% 16oz $6
WHEA Greenbush Sunspot Heffe, MI Delightfully blinding. A refreshing hefewiezen. 6.0% 16oz $6
IPAS Alesmith Off Season .394 IPA. CA Fullerbodied with a smooth and creamy finish 6.0% 16oz $7
IPAS Coronado Patio Pounder IPA, CA Collab. w/ Sheffields. Smash this citrus bomb 5.5% 16oz $6
IPAS Lagunitas Fluxed in Paradise IPA Double dry-hopped IPA. Collab w/ Shorts Brewing! 7.6% 13oz $6
IPAS Odell Mountain Standard IPA, CO Tropical hop aromas of pineapple, orange, & mango. 6.5% 16oz $6
IPAS Off Shoot Beer Company Relax NEIPA. CA Unfiltered, full of hop flavor and aromatics. 6.8% 13oz $7
IPAS Stone Pomma Said Knock You Out IPA, CA Plenty of hop character and pomegranate 7.8% 13oz $6
PALE 18th Street Velvet Cashmere Pale Ale, IN Smooth, made with all cashmere hops 4.5% 16oz $7
PALE Bells Smitten, Golden Ale, MI Sharp citrus & resinous flavors 6.0% 16oz $6
PALE Cruz Blanca Brewery Palm Shade Pale Ale Guava purée and a touch of tamarind. 6.0% 16oz $6
BROW 4 Hands Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown, MO Aromas of dark chocolate & coffee 5.5% 16oz $6
BROW Surly Coffee Bender Brown Ale, MN Cold extracted; intense coffee aromatics & flavor 5.5% 16oz $6
PORT Boulder Beer Nitro Shake Chocolate Porter, CO Devilishly delicious chocolate finish 5.9% 16oz $6
STOU Guinness Dry Stout, IRL World famous and we pour a lot of it! Enjoy a pint. 4.3% 20oz $6
STOU Left Hand Milk Stout, CO Milk sugar adds a well rounded sweetness. 6.0% 16oz $6
STOU Short's S'more Stout, MI Graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, and smoked malt. 8.0% 13oz $6
DIPA Dogfish Head 90 Minute DIPA, DE Great malt backbone with extreme hopping rate 9.0% 13oz $6
DIPA Half Acre Deep Space DIPA A chasm of pits & peaks, with caramel & sap 10.0% 9oz $6
DIPA Odell Fee Fi Fo Fum Triple IPA, CO Malt backbone, tropical fruit, resinous hop punch 11.1% 9oz $6
IMPS Greenbush There are Owls in the Roadhouse, MI Raspberry, roasty & complex 8.8% 9oz $10