BELG Low Country Belgo-American Pale Ale Fruity esters and Citra hopped 7.5% 13oz $5
BELG On the Shoulders of Giants Fruit, citrus . Slightly dry, champagne mouthfeel 9.3% 9oz $7
DIPA Big Twin Double IPA Intensely hopped with mosaic & mandarina 8.0% 13oz $5
DIPA Zero to 100 Imperial IPA Bold, resinous, tropical citrus notes 10.0% 9oz $7
IMPS Ba'd Santa's Lap Holiday Spiced Ale B. A. ,oak & vanilla with an alcohol warmth 9.0% 22oz $15
LAGR Bad Mamacita Mexican Lager Crisp, clean and refreshing! 5.2% 13oz $4
PILS Respect the Indian, Dry Hopped Pilsner Hoppy German-style pilsner ! 5.0% 13oz $4
IPAS Craft'd, IPA Experimental hops from Michigan Hop Head Farms 6.5% 16oz $5
IPAS Haze of Our Lives NE IPA NE IPA. Tons of flavor & aroma of citrus & tropical fruit 7.1% 13oz $5
IPAS Tiny Bubbles Brut IPA Big, bursting with citrus flavors & aromas 7.6% 13oz $5
RYES Lincoln-Way Rye Sweet malt, pepper spice; crisp, dark orange hue 6.5% 13oz $5
STOU Mickey O'Neils Dry Stout Smooth and roasty with a hint of chocolate 4.3% 16oz $5
STOU P.B. Tarnum's Peanut Butter Stout The Name says it all! 4.7% 16oz $6